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these are the current news, they were last updated on 3rd november 2020

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repaired the tt creator

now it should work to create yourself an account on my vps. To all who have tried it, please just try it again. Thanks


So I actually had some issues going on with freenom and its free .tk domains, at least for my one. So then I thought: why just not get a .com domain? After trying hard to get my old .tk domain back, all the efford was put into nothing. So now I have this domain, and freenom has taken my old one. So please dont get confused if you see any strange content on my old side, witch surely dont belongs there.

so for all online projects /people that used the address "" to connect to my server, regardless if it was a game or a tt server, they now will get a dumb downtime! so please use:

to connect to your desired service.

alert! for all tt server owners!

if you try to connect to your srv and it seems to be down, try using "" as domain. if this works, try to open your cmd and type "ipconfig /flushdns" for deleting your dns cache. and try again with your domain. if this works say it to all your visitors, if they have the same problem. thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

new servers, new times

currentlly I am migrating everything to a new server, which has more uploading space and more ram. So if there are downtimes of anything that is related to DHT Studios ownership, except some game servers because they go down often, please take your time and write an E Mail to:

this mail address

with the thing that is down and the time it was down, and your timezone if its different than the eastern central time zone. and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

urgent notice

time has changed, and from the point on I started the donation form, no one ever donated. So now I am running on low money, that means I wont have enough money to pay the server soon. So I have 2 possibilitys now:

So I kindly ask everyone who sees this, to donate at least $2. At least that persons that have the money, and not the ones that even dont have any money. So if everyone pays $2, we can easily pay the servers throughout the next 2 years.

donate with the following methods:

donate with a direct pay pal link.

or donate using this donate button:

thanks for everyone who is donating. I even will write all the names of the persons that donated at my website, if you would like too.

thanks for reading

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