get on your own business, and buy one of my great managed servers today!

Start your own business, regardless if its hosting a game, making your own web site or managing a forum. With the new cheap managed servers you totally get control over your server, without needing to know anything about linux or how to use a command line.

so whats this?

I came up with this idea a few days ago. I actually wanted to offer people a good service of vps hosting, regardless of what they know about using linux. So now they are there, the managed servers.

get an own vps, and just tell me what you wanna do with it. I'll care about installing programs, updates and maintaining your server, if you wish.

so why I actually should choose your service? whats the advantage of it?

well, imagine the following situation: you have an idea, and it is your dream to get this idea to become a real thing. You start working on it, improving your skills and spending time to fullfill your idea. maybe its a game, a program or a website. But at the end you see: you need a server to proceed. But you are very sad because you have almost no knowledge of linux and its commands, and you're just to lacy or you dont have enough time to learn how a linux shell works? or you need special things that you cant setup yourself, for what ever reason? Then you are good with the new managed servers!

how it works?

You just send me the thing you wanna do or the idea you need a server for, please be detailed as much as you can. I'll then suggest you a server plan, I offer servers from 2 german companys, one company is offering windows vps too, and from one company of the US. Prieces can be different and each company has its own price tables. I will actually ask you, after the server is ordered (you will be required to send me the money via paypal), which services /programs you wanna have installed or configured. if you dont know what you should install, just describe me your idea as much detailed as you can and I'll provide a suggestion.

after that I'll give you all data you will gonna need. If you then have any problems, I am there for support. You also can say me if you wanna have an own domain or not. For more details on contacting me check the contact methods I use at my home page, link to it is at the bottom.


read the following very carefully:

1. billing & payment

Just for general notice: I do *not* offer any paid service for free. I do resell servers and domains, but I *do not* have any contracts with the companys I take for default hosting plans. This only is selected through my 3-years experience of server renting. Also I *do* charge several amounts for service and maintenance (installing things costs time, and time costs money). But its only $3 to $5 (these are just guessed values, no promise will be made.) so not much more than the original server and domain cost. The prices I offer are no exact values. This is a very individual service, so there cant be made any exact apointment of how much a certain service will cost. thous the servers costs are the same, the service charge may be different from customer to customer.

2. explanations

Q: whats a VPS? A: a VPS (virtual private server) is a virtual server, mostly a virtual computer running on hardware with server conditions, which is like a normal server without the hardware standing in your house. Q: oh my god, is this just another scam site? A: no. This is no sort of scamming /fishing user data. I will give you the server account and ip Address data as soon as I'll receive it. If there is a problem, feel free to contact me. Q: Oh, are you just cloning this from another idea? A: why should I? I have my own ideas and now the resources to make them real.

3. other informations

The servers themselves are first officially belonging to DHT Studios, but only to that point were you officially wanna take the copyright of your server. Unoficially, you always are the server owner. I *wont* remind you, if you decide to get a managed server, to pay me monthly, you just can send me the money via paypal every month, at the same time. I wont try to keep your server up, because I dont have much more money. Some of the companys that I rent servers from are prepaid, that means your server will just go down if no money was received. Other are not, that means you will get a warning from me if I'll get one from the company. But we hope that never happens.

end of disclaimer

next stepps

so if you decide to actually want a managed server today, just send me an E Mail to:

this mail address

I actually would be pleased if you choose my service. so anyways, have fun

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