the following contact information is provided by me, the owner of this web site. If you have any issues with one of this contact methods, just try another and tell me whats wrong. I understand that many people want a reply as soon as possible, but I am not guaranteeing any quick reply. It even could take up to 5 days on some contact methods, but I'll try to get back as soon as possible on every new message.

spam messages

I do not tolerate any spam messages. If someone will send spam messages of any kind, I give my best to find out who it was and maybe I even will get a court into the situation if its really massive attacks or spam.

but now, the following are the ways how to get in touch with me

You have many ways to get in touch with me. Here are some, on which I am active the most

Skype: dennishelbig8, all lowercase

Chat with me on Chatra

Elten: dennishelbig

the quentin C's playroom is also a way how to send messages, so here is my username: DHTStudios

Mail: Mail

Follow me on twitter:

Account for Updates: DhtstudiosU

My private account, where I post something randomly: DhtStudios

My nonsense account: dhtdennis

additionally, you can call me /write text messages, whatsapp is even possible, at